There’s strength in numbers. Use that power to kick ass with my group fitness options.

Group Personal Training

Whether you’re looking for a more affordable training option, or are motivated by working alongside people with the same goals as you, group personal training provides a fun way to get fit and be accountable!

Starting at $10.00 / Session


Online Weight Loss Boot Camp

This combination of cardio and strength training will give you the blast of activity you need to start losing weight and getting fit. This live training session accommodates all fitness levels and meets three times a week.

Plan Price $60.00 / Month 


Remote Group Personal Training Sessions & Remote Group Exercise Sessions are subject to availability.

Remote Group Personal Training Sessions Require a Minimum of (2) Participants

Remote Group Exercise Sessions Require a Minimum of (4) Participants

If you are interested in participating in a Remote Group Training or Group Exercise program please fill out the form below to see if there are sessions available or to put your name on a list to be notified when there are enough participants for sessions to begin.