If you’re anything like me, nothing will motivate you more than a challenge.

My 12-week weight loss challenges are designed to take advantage of the competitor inside all of us. Week by week, we’ll work together not only to get fit, but to learn the mindset and behaviors that will keep you losing weight and moving toward your goals long after the challenge is over.

Check out the breakdown of the 12-week weight loss challenge below. If you’re ready to take the first step toward a healthier, more fit life, join me!

12 Week Challenge Components

Weekly Group Challenge Meetings
  • Each week we get together in a group setting and discuss a topic that applies to the N.E.W concept and helps put tools in your tool box that might help aid you to where you want to be in your weight loss journey. These discussion points change from challenge to challenge but here is an example of the discussion points of my current 12 week challenge.

    • Week 01 : Welcome to the Emotional Baggage Claim
    • Week 02 : Nutrition: Nutrition 101 – Does Your Food Make You Feel Good?
    • Week 03 : Exercise: Exercise 101 – Finding Comfort in Cardiovascular Exercise
    • Week 04 : Wellness: Wellness 101 – Feel Your Feelings Instead of Feeding Them
    • Week 05: Bag Check! – Prioritizing Your Emotional Baggage
    • Week 06: Nutrition: Protein Pros – Why Protein is the VIP of your Weight Loss Journey
    • Week 07: Exercise: Feeling Stronger – Using Strength Based Exercise to Your Advantage
    • Week 08: Wellness: What Are Your Excuses? – Environmental Issues & Obstacles
    • Week 09: Bag Check! – Is it Positive, Productive and Purposeful?
    • Week 10: Nutrition: Carbohydrates – Good or Evil?
    • Week 11: Exercise: Flexibility – In Life, In Body and in Daily Living
    • Week 12: Wellness: Weight Loss vs Weight Maintenance – Understanding Your Future
    • Week 13: Finale! – Results & Pot Winner Announcement – Before/Afters sent out

And here’s what you’ll get from me during the challenge:

  • A weekly cardio plan based on your fitness level, that will increase in intensity as we go along to ensure you are getting stronger and losing weight.
  • Daily Accountability. Accountability is essential for follow-through. For each workout you do, you’ll report back to me so I can give you a high five! And if you hold yourself accountable throughout the challenge, you’ll be entered to win a cash prize!
  • Weekly Food & Water Journal Reviews. During the challenge, you’ll track your food and water intake carefully, and I’ll review your journals each week to make sure you choices match up with your goals.
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins. Each week we’ll track your weight, body fat percentage, and other key metrics to make sure you’re moving in the right direction. If there are any problems, we’ll work through them together.
  • Weekly Healthy Living Lessons. Food and exercise are only two parts of a larger weight loss equation. My weekly healthy living lessons will teach you to manage your environment and mindset to give you the best results possible.
  • Accountability Bet Challenge: Remember above when I said if you stay accountable, you’ll be eligible for a prize? Part of the investment for this challenge goes into a pot, and if you stay accountable throughout the entire challenge, you can win a share of the pot! How’s that for motivation?

Challenge Price: $280.00